Go in Peace and Be Healed of Your Affliction – Dramatized Story of Healing

If I were to gather all the tears I had cried I would fill a large pool. I had wept so many tears to God, crying for His mercy and asking Him to give the doctors wisdom so they could heal me. I was a devout woman, a woman of prayer and a woman whose prayers for others seemed to work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BChrEirl4CE.

I had a condition for many years where I was considered “unclean” as a Jewish woman and this seriously restricted where I could go. The one place I wanted to worship the Lord God was in the synagogue and my “unclean” status made it impossible for me to worship God in that holy place.

My heart was very sore and my faith was strong but my hardship was always taking its toll on me and many days all I could do was cry and cry. So many times I cried myself to sleep and being a woman in my condition I could not bear children and this was also a heartache for me all these years, my husband having left me many years ago in frustration and now having children to another woman.

I look at his children with affection when I catch a glimpse of them from a distance, but in Israel I am treated by the people like a leper and it’s not something I am allowed to do, to approach these children. They could have been my children born to the husband I still loved with all my heart.

Life had dealt me a cruel and harsh blow, but in the Psalms of King David I found my solace and I did not hold my condition against God, yet still I wept and cried out each week for mercy from God.

The Rabbis had some sort of concern for me but they did not possess the answers for me and were kind of embarrassed when their eyes encountered me in the marketplace as they realized that their faith did not have the power to heal me of my affliction.

I heard about another Rabbi that was in town and he had caused quite a stir. He was very young and the people close to me that didn’t see me as unclean in my heart told me he was my only hope. He was a devout man, a man of prayer with always a throng of people around him. I tried on a couple of occasions to approach him but there always seemed such a crowd around him that you could never get close enough to get his attention.

Reports of his healings were everywhere and people were abuzz and with reports of his wisdom that seemed too wise for even the teachers of the law. He was just an average looking guy, and he had a knowing within him and the way he walked showed great confidence. As he walked through the crowds there were always people being healed by him and yet because he was so good, so many people like me missed out as there simply was not enough room around him for everyone to be healed unless he stopped walking and simply asked every person to approach him that was sick in which times is was reported that everyone was healed.

Our town had never been that fortunate as he was busy and had important things to be doing. I was on the way back from getting a few supplies today when he seemed to appear out of nowhere and his pace was fast as he was following the leader of the synagogue. It seemed like God had shown favour on me that day as he came from no where out of a house and was crossing the marketplace right toward me. I quickly ran toward him and as I approached him others pushed in around him and though I approached him from the front, other people blocked me from meeting him face to face and I was relegated to the back of him. But I was not going to miss my chance today. I could not meet him face to face and beg of his mercy the only hope I had was to push my way close to him and try and touch his garment.

People pushed me and the people who knew me tried to stare me down telling me I had no right to approach a holy Rabbi like this one, but years of my affliction pushed me on and today seemed to be an answer to my prayers. It’s just as I was going to give up in the throng when a gap appeared suddenly and I reached forward and grabbed his garment.

Immediately my blood stopped flowing and in my spirit I knew I had been healed and the joy that shot through me could not be compared to anything on earth. I was so full of joy and peace I was in another world and I turned to depart in silence.

Suddenly Jesus stopped and there was a commotion among His followers and Jesus wanted to know who was the person that had touched Him. His voice was stern and it wasn’t a voice to be ignored. I was shocked and a little scared at his tone and I knew that I had to come clean with what I had done. Even though I knew I was healed it suddenly seemed that I was in some sort of trouble.

I fell at His feet and cried and told Him my story. I told him of my tears for all these years and how I had tried to approach Him to meet him face to face many times and even tried to do so today but it was impossible to get to Him. I told Him that I had the faith simply to try and catch hold of His garment and that I knew I would be healed and so I had done it and I had been healed.

He put His hand out and pulled me to my feet and wiped the tears from my cheek and smiled and said to me. “Daughter your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed of your affliction.”

As He spoke the words I felt peace enter my heart again and an explosion of joy and I grabbed Him and kissed him on the cheek. I was unclean and rejected and yet this holy Rabbi touched me and healed me. I once was a lost cause and now my whole life had hope. He smiled at me and told me He was happy to have healed me and then He turned and went on his way.

Today I look back at that day with much happiness in my heart. Jesus had the power to heal. He had more then an empty message He had the power to heal afflictions. Today I have seen Peter the apostle come through this town and I have seen him with the same power of Jesus. My God is so much more real to me and now with the Baptism of the apostles I can talk to Jesus in heaven and he answers me back. I am so in love with this Jesus that healed me and made me a worthy and happy member of society.

He is an awesome husband to the widow and he can be real in your life. You can develop an ear to His Spirit speaking if you take a chance. To be filled with the Spirit and to pray in the Spirit is so refreshing. God gives me little words of encouragement for the people I know and on a couple of occasions I have also laid my hands on the sick and they have been made well.

My former husband allows me to see his children and his wife is not jealous of me in any way and in fact the children like me like their own mother. My life is full of so much joy and the story in the Bible just doesn’t seem to be long enough to fully express my joy and so I dramatized it for you today.

There are answers in Jesus. He still has people on earth that can really heal people. He still has people on earth that can cast out demons and He still has people on earth that can hear clearly from Him and write messages for individuals or groups of people called prophecy. Jesus is no figment of imagination and He is no man that just walked the earth who men wrote about. Jesus is real and He gives his power to men on earth who can be mighty men.

They exist, these men, these mighty healers, and people really need to get a little desperate and grab hold of their garment. Not everyone in Israel got healed and if you suffer you might not get healed, some things are in God’s sovereign will and we can’t understand, but miracles are still happening on earth today.

You need to take Jesus as the Word of God says. He is the same yesterday, today and in the future. His signs and wonders were evident in the days He walked and they will be evident everywhere people walk in the full knowledge and faith of his eternal Word. The Holy Spirit has not lost His power and He is still able to work mighty signs on the earth.

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