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and that it is time that world
government officially acknowledged
that progression
in of medial from being seen
a in this but doesn’t happen
at the being seen in this but it happens
at its apogee it that itchy a
is is actually recorded as having been
witnessed in CN by year Assyrian and
Babylonian Astron
well this is one when am
I know that text accompanying 10 d as
and a is becomes obvious as you study
all these text dead that
did main feature that talking about
is a day of darkness darkness it knowing
the Sun will not be seein et cetera
hey which a weekend say lead editor King
about the solar eclipse
and desi test theory and a concert thing
that’s what they showed in the previous
night talk about it
88 darkness it do in an eclipse
at the it then unexpected dime because
all these eclipses could be predicted
they had enough knowledge to predict
solar eclipses
no lunar eclipse is it set in a so
the 500 and 56 PC
and this is the ish gauges sky admit
prepared by Nasher and not by me
in five hundred and 56 and unusual and
and eclipse darkness it known
it took place and
it is my conclusion in the book
the end of the day that that is exactly
when the B&O last was near air
and created hand at the clips
Shelly fuel a
the whole day to
and the problem boast by 2012
I’m and you say well
2012 a is
then maybe it was expected to rate their
and do they should do a day and be a
good omen
being yeah and I’m full
thing will be there apocalypse the end a
it it does not work and because the last
that maybe ago was near was 500
and 56 BC handy if it has in orbit
of about 36 134 135 funded years
Anna it ain’t coming day in 2012
so what might happen
if not in 2012
in some other time in our lifetimes
perhaps and this takes me to the other
which up the biblical prophecies right
tell you that
ever really good do things that were
and prophesied from about 750 BC
to about 550 BC the time a PC kid
they spoke about the day of the Lord the
celestial own
its banning it’s nearing its coming from
the saddle
it it is that can disguise it set a date
but then the other five days switch to
lick them
called a high def AM the end of the
which Sam translate and die a martyr
and the other way people wanted to but
did time that time the question is
what you mean by time but but there will
be called
time will comp till NN and
we have to remember and this is the
%uh this slight to show you dead
down at key were coming and going
between der planet and dared not
not just 70 when me be real
wash clothes just let is a metal fed
they could not they could not do with it
because it is
it at this point that the planet
their planet that slows down here gain
and Walsh fastest around the Sun
so they’re on the way they could come
was if they left their planet ahead of
and speeded the head of the planet and
were here
and then rejoinder planet or
when the planet was studying on the way
back to slow down
then day which as if literally
fallback to watch this John and come
to our vicinity so there were all kinds
of ways
and that they insist that there’s about
this but this blood is
there is it then about taking called it
an A
who was taken to have any was afraid to
edit rape when he started to see their
some hundreds mother there was 10 today
and as Santa thankee by
nethin Bowman a.m. called adapter
a who was taken for a visit
with an O in heaven taken in Broad Bay
so he did not stay at 3600 the years
and a beer so comings and goings
are possible even been maybe it’ll
is not precisely at its closest
pay to ash
and their what did happen
wouldn’t happen and 556 PC
when so many all the other nations
a expected the and no not
it to show up again is dead instead of
showing that
they let a.m. I don’t let this slide
here and I
nothing intending to spend more time
Anna because I’m way beyond by my time
verdi but they’re in the book in the
idea suggest that the
point of departure was the famous and
in South America and but the
what is without a doubt known and this
perhaps but love the my an prophecies
is dead the chief the
he have measure merica whom the
ashtec’s called which Clapton
it here my aunt called Google and Google
time a which all men the
plume ordering serafin
before he left he said
this is written down he said
I will return I promise to return
and he promised at to return at a
certain point
which each day Anne related
good ms American calendars now the
Mayan calendar and where the whole
business of 2012
and appears israeli
a calendar pulled along down which was
just started
not by them I S was started by D well
people from africa who were brought over
it by ear which Arclight love that I
estate you can go to North and never
brought the older
in 8,000 113 BC
and that this is the calendar did mins
you wish
the their whole business of 2012
a is they just because the calendar its
various symbols
the peak 10 it one day
or twenty days on today 360 days et
and this is 10 it good this this one is
called the back to win
in their in back to Lawrence 13 buck
dunes will culminate in
by some calculation I 2012
now we’re at the best seller one
calculates because
depends if you divide a the day is
by 365 a break 360
have one way it has been suggested only
century girl nearly as I’ve said 2087
as the Mayan and that the it back Dylan
hand but they’re in general a.m.
muy my feeling is that it is not at the
crib a little
and because if you will a a
follow the the the political prophecies
they aren’t dealing we pay
site political dying table
the did this sup my and calendar
is really in year one like day one day
to day
see it’s set in the same as the a the
Anne 2000 2001
light nothing happened two thousand
because after 2000
game 2001 like I showed you at the
that some said 2007 production 3
Italian all all the and LB
predictions in the Bible both the Old
and the New Testament speak
office cycle the the
beginning will be the ending
the ending is the big eating date
bashed is the future and this can take
on the in a cyclic cause being hand
workhorse a in smaller mark roberts
yeah above the same subject but to the
end of the day
and what will happen now
the be best clues
I indian girl fish them in about
this whole business over the end of days
when when will it be not only what will
happen but
when will it be age in the book of
an a just must
skipped fast because its
takes too long to start trading on a
date but one of those
one of those that really devoted
ahead the better part of his life to
the meaning of the prophecies and that
timetable given in the book of Daniel
and is some number of years in number of
but the bitch loool is where they change
instead Daniel
the and over days will am after
halftime dying and two-time
and Daniel like be say
what do you mean by it what more what
have time I get ducking about I not done
but football
I’m an and he was left with different
event went with no answer
show said I have Newton who is known
more about
a celestial orbits in such addicting
spent most of his time delving into
adults prophecies in trying to calculate
and a hand-written document by him
came came to light and
let efficiently two to three years ago
and when it came to light day the news
headlights where that Isaac Newton
calculated the end of days it two
100 AB 2000 168 the
I’m I was fortunate
to be able to obtain it but the puppy
out that hand-written page I’m which is
a Dayton
friend and a in the book The End of Days
I Eve but its says a quote what it says
I do not shell the flight that crashed
because I had no permission to do with
it so you are now seeing
your the first ones to see
the thought that up today hand-written
document nation Isaac Newton
Anne calculated also in in
3 waste Andy number two thousand
160 does indeed feature
feature heavily in his calculations
but when I look at his calculations
undertake above the pH I said
I’ll I got he is stalking
about your diet both times because one
of the things
again a so put some very and fairest
was today the devising love this idea
welfare calculating I’ll
the air and a on on on the first day of
here a after it fully in
that’s not precisely it then to where it
but is slightly retarded
there at that dation and mount still one
dignity of 360 in seventy two years
and 8:30 dignity
today powers therefore 30
dimes 72 least 2,000
160 cell the met the medical

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