Tips for finding your niche

Google Directory

With Google Directory, you are presented with a large list of broad topics.
Click on one of the topics and the next list will show you how many websites in the directory for that particular topic this will give you a good idea for your niche and also if there is enough interest in the subject.

Google Keyword Research Tool

The Google Adwords keyword tool provides a great deal of information.

It is designed for google adwords but it is a great way to check out your niche

Start with a broad term for your subject then you can narrow it down by some of the suggested keywords or phrases that google returns, google will also return information on the amount of searches per month.

The main keyword tool that I use is Market Samurai you can download it for free.

Also you can visit your local newsagent chances are that if there is an offline magazine dedicated to the subject then there will be a good amount of people searching for that information online.

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