Niburu Sumerian Anunnaki Mars Planet X – Zecharia Sitchin Genesis Revisited

some text from the video…

and that it is time that world
government officially acknowledged
and that it is time that world
government officially known
my are
the revealed in upcoming episodes at
this program
by the contents have a recently
unearthed repository classified by the
secret government
the phenomenon arms
the do
could be was our res
genetically-engineered six thousand
years ago
we created by meetings from distance may
seem to work as laborers towards on the
known in the mood
from each hidden meanings to the
congress disney’s
0 we have grappled with engines arming
than one of the question Mr origin falls
outside the realm of socialism
what would happen to our culture the
wind is coming in we as a race
90 more than the result in the genetic
experiment conducted my niece
Yunlin the me over the course of the
20th century we have witnessed
exponential advancements in the
collective known to mankind in every
field of science and technology
our achievements are no longer measured
in centuries decades
buddy years and even months
with this extraordinary growth mankind
is surpassed every achievement
recorded throughout the millennia I’ve
known civilization whose
with one of the breakthroughs today
concerning humanity
the your in our beginnings are not new
wisdom at all would have much of this
recent knowledge least she quitted way
the moon’s a once-powerful society
awaiting your discovery of
good this alleged new knowledge
uncovered includes blue corner of the
be considered Genesis revisited this is
the belief that the world-renowned
linguistic expert in the field cultural
Zechariah Sitchin I’m the classic in
I devoted my life style
ancient civilizations ancient languages
there start their believes
and knowledge that the head and
the question is when you study when you
look at though that
is it meets is it mythology or did it
really have a little I we’ll call
really helpful
in our obsession with antagonisms at the
moment we often forget how much unites
all the members humanity low perhaps we
need some
outside universal threat to make us
recognize this comment about
occasionally think how our differences
would vanish if we were facing an alien
threat from outside
this work yet I ask
is not an alien force already among us
the new
spaces the
inescapable challenge to all the
advanced nations and beer
there was tablished the United States is
the preeminent space-faring nations
first for the coming decade for the
nineteen nineties space station
freedom and next for the new century
the back to the moon back to the future
and this time back to stay and then a
journey into tomorrow
journey to another planet a manned
Martin’s a manned mission to Mars
or an ambitious objectives and with the
success of the Mars probes in nasa’s
one that humanity has made substantial
strides toward achieving
could there have been a speech based on
mars in antiquity
we had visible sample
evidence it the the
artifacts on mars we are not only not
you never by someone has been
mondex planted over that in itself
global forever change your frame a
mankind came out of the dark age and the
Middle Ages
reach the a job in like mint experience
the Industrial Revolution
into the air above advanced technology
the Aero
genetic engineering and the error up
speak split
down farm worker from the right well
things back in order
calm him down a No
angle and our astronauts will land
like Eagles zachariah citizens research
reveals that
in our ancient past there were advanced
beings referred to as the anarchy
translated those who from heaven to
came dude the idea that there
was in our solar system erase
intelligent beings far older than us who
are now gone
which certainly force us to rethink a
lot of questions including the question
of human origins
more where did we come from could we be
the product of genetic engineering
the hypothesis that modern science is
only now catching up with injured
is inspiring scientists and researchers
to increase efforts to rediscover that
which may have been launched
overtime I’ll speaking those situation
that this
lain dormant almost 5,500
use that incident ok down over mental
in the Babylonian version on the
biblical story
people about the wrong with revealing
that now I’m was head should reach the
in which to shame stay strong wash tub
under the direction of this summer in
going home
but the either the team’s were not
amused by this for a of mankind
into the space age the biblical story
recalls that
ya BA came down to see the city and the
tower that the humans were building
any said to his colleagues in Genesis
chapter 11 this is just the beginning
their undertakings them now own anything
that they should scheme to do
you should no longer be impossible for
com let us go down confuse their
so that they should not understand each
other speech the thanks to the science
of archaeology
experts now know that the first great
emerged almost 6,000 years ago all
within the group
all did in the mines its
older than the English the people that
this society were called soon Marion’s
after their land sue Maher in the Great
Plain between the Euphrates and Tigris
today’s iraq the book of Genesis called
the land
Chenier for generations biblical
you read more biblical references to
teach in kingdoms
categorized uses legend or more do the
study of historical relics and the
translational ancient languages
many biblical researchers now believe
that the previously question
Old Testament references are indeed
historically of bed
accounts belushi advanced cultures
if you study the Genesis document
you know that God made Adam out of clay
and then
talking about it was a rare on his ribs
at center
if you study the stocking you discover
that it is really a a much shorter
version Paula much
more complicated document it comes out
of catalonia and Nance
assume errands on now
ancient taxol given really complicated
are powerful non-human
god-like beings actually engineering
pass making us with for specific
Zechariah Sitchin investigation into
these cultures
brings him to this six thousand year old
temple in excavated a real
the ancient city
until its discovery only 150 years ago
Eric was known only through passages in
the bike
the temple is dedicated to appeal got
its name you nine
also referred to in later times as
you can see here features in the pool
head divinity he was marked by be the
accused she had a John
with the water of life and
he was surrounded as a declaration but
perhaps also symbolically
with the symbol that some with her to
isn’t flying snakes which was assembled
signs some those the 6,000 use
some finding me a repairs are
the Egyptian on which was the symbol of
life in
creation for the results have mister
surgeons research
approved the theory that this busy job
in twine snakes
is the symbol for genetic manipulation
have DNA
cars out in stone over 6,000 years ago
ishtar is sometimes depicted flying
through the sky
and leaving the Earth’s atmosphere to
push the hills
in ancient Mesopotamia the secret
service primary and other celestial
are kept carefully guard study behind
closed doors
play an extension society a priest
strong news
cylinder seals like these are the only
surviving recognise carefully guarded
the new this clay tablet carries the
printer the cylinder seal about forty
five hundred years old
are it depicts the God in Lille granting
the plot to humankind assuring in the
major modern agriculture I
on closer inspection something
completely remarkable can be seen
a detailed depiction of the complete
solar system configured
a dent agree to that known to
contemporary signs with the Sun
I love the big mission to each planet
appears in its correct position
in relative proportions to the other
planetary bodies
on the outskirts is one additional
planet a 10
not currently located by astronomers
have our modern era
astronomers around the world are on the
lookout for this innovative celestial
is a growing body a physical evidence
that it does in fact exist
history records the discovery on the
planet Pluto as february eighteenth
third by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh yet
pluto is clearly shown on the imprint
taken from missionary in cylinder seal
there’s also one additional plant
the one that scientists refer to as the
mysterious planet X
the yet undiscovered most distant member
have our solar system
according to modern science
prior to the invention of the telescope
in the sixteen hundreds
humanity had no knowledge about lying
planets beyond Jupiter
as these bodies cannot be viewed with
the naked eye since the day I galileo
gonna lay
optical astronomers have amassed an
important body of knowledge about the
other plans
piece de resistance by astronomers from
around the globe have been
uncontested these last century’s with
the technological advancements have our
new vantage points and develop such as
the unobstructed view of nasa’s hubble
and respect games room on main roads 7
reconnaissance missions
to be outer reaches our solar system
these breakthroughs in space exploration
reveal many inaccuracies in earlier
astronomical conclusions
on August 19 1977 the American space
Voyager 2 means keep in Avalon a several
year journey to the city of the solar
system’s most
just plans
the voyagers discoveries challenge many
astronomers recent conclusions
while fully cooperating inch knowledge
I’m for the first time we see images and
astonishing it is exactly is the
Sumerians reporting their six
description building have no telescopes
that we know
the Sumerians characterize Uranus as
she translated
right removed they also explain unique
planetary told euronews
according to the Sumerians our solar
system was invaded by a planetary body
that caused collisions and disrupted the
existing work
nasa scientists concurred that a
collision with a body the size amor
traveling at 14,000 miles per hour could
cause both before middle skewl Uranus
and the devastation apparent from the
planet’s service Kern
its neighbor Neptune was described as a
blue-green planted by the Sumerians
millennia ago
with sciences only confirmed this back
during the past few decades
the Sumerians named enlisted all the
planets in our solar system their
documented list
these planets is tangible evidence they
need at least one respect:
modern man is on a path %uh rediscover
ancient knowledge with the planets
Uranus and Neptune
supposedly unknown until discovered
in 1781 in 1846 and even
pluto not discovered until 19th St
182 and that it is time that world
officially known
it shatter onshore
almost to the heavens Jupiter
g-shock foremost a firm lands
the asteroid belt rocky the hammer grace
March long God of War
the man ki earth
what the Sumerians considered to be the
seventh planet
why the seven planes one other owners
so often referred to the modern to
Merion records indicate
they began their coming not from the Sun
but from a plan on the
outside the solar system %uh but most
was the inclusion of one more large
is the 12-member about solar system
the launch a pioneer 10 in 1972
archers in the area of deep space
exploration the craft
journeys beyond the outer known plans
sending back
David that is used to seek a possible
tenth Planet
14 August 1978 just about six weeks
after we discovered the fact the pool
the satellite
you have a satellite for money German
how heavy it is
I’ll turns out doodle very much smaller
and lighter weight
fraud which meant the Pluto has no
influence the old
appreciable influence on the motions of
the planets Uranus and Neptune
that point room close to her palms
Britain’s at least one yet to be
planning in the outer reaches of the
solar system over the past two decades
physicists have joined astronomers in
the search for the mysterious
planet X one of the things we we did in
nineteen seventy
having made this prediction was a
additional plant
10 to 12
Salam put our money where our mouth was
where we went out and started looking
for this thing
who’ve been able to find the surgery was
did rather narrow down doable
the storm answer
is this election we actually are
currently looking down on the region and
to just south the constellation Libra
but you if it is in the kinda bored
sprite here
yet would have to be a planet that would
have a man something like three to five
times to mean something yours
this would put it intermediate
yeses planets like Uranus and Neptune
and the rest will hold its the
with him
accord with the solar system so if if
this plan it turns out to be in the 3600
your orbit
then it’s it’s more sweet dreams
this one here is remember the solar
system as we know it
the other planets this is you orbital
planet Pluto and does he really is the
orbit that I have proposed
for the tenth Planet here’s where we
think it is right about now in its orbit
if land in Texas
we are not alone you saw missus
I’m meredith
the seventh plant the sacred number
seven 7 days in the week
seven days & Genesis the 7 tablets have
creation a case can be made for
historical coincidence
but to Zechariah Sitchin this kind in
america repetition pointed to more than
just legend
but generally look at the facts about
this tenth Planet are nothing less than
the stock
the story on this planet the storm by
the seminarians
on their 7 tablets creation begins
four billion years ago when our solar
system was much younger
in our own planet aired be not yet exist
the surviving historical records at the
Sumerians revealed the story of an
intruder plant
me be ruled which appeared outta deep
drawn into the center of our solar
system by the planetary beloved Neptune
Uranus Saturn Andrew on an opposing
orbital path with the seventh planet a
planet referred to in Sumerian Records
is to mud
maybe ruse new orbit around the Sun
place the two planets
on a collision course to Marion
to smuggle me answers many puzzles that
deaths and more than signs central truth
was the Dale of a celestial collision
and knowledge
of the solar system with 12 members
as they draw near wanted the satellites
and maybe we’ll questions
T cracking the plant subsequent
smash happened to you might completely
breaking the pieces in what develops
mostly to the asteroid ok
this is referred to in the Bible in
Sumerian text as
the permanent I’ll the other half
do you mod becomes
the earth is thrust into a new orbital
position carrying with it
too much mean satellite our moved
me be real the intruder is cast into a
permanent clockwise sober orb
returning to Perth neighborhood once
each thirty-six hundred years
forever becoming the 12-member from our
solar system
this day love creations a cause through
cuz becoming but the scientific
that we find in the Old Testament the
creation story
in the aftermath the collusion the
biblical creator
a low-key proclaims let the waters under
be guided together into one please and
led to dry land appear
and it was sold
and Ellen called the dry land whose
and the gathering together
want to use people sees if earth use the
orbital remains a planetary collisions
scientists believe that the most obvious
place to look for planetary scarring
is seven miles below the surface but the
Pacific Ocean
%uh a new homes
fans have not been
and being all years not been called
known prime or maps
it mom pentium
she wore them all
the award to Muslim two min
two planets mingle together
the biblical passages Genesis reads in
the beginning God created the heaven
dealers and the earth was without form
and Boyd and darkness was upon the face
of the deep
the and the Spirit of God moved upon the
face of the waters
and got sent let there be lights
and their loss night
you fully apply the knowledge of the
mess up a team he intends to the
biblical text
the correct reading a book Genesis
a special in relation to waters and tell
him said
left in his term in
use and let it divide strong waters
and killing me
dividing the waters which are on the
from the waters Mitchell month firms
and million people for me
upper waters lower waters what does the
Bible mean by this
thus americans describe your illness and
Neptune is watery plants
what are the conclusions a modern
science in 1979
1980 in 1981 pioneer and Voyager
visit Jupiter and Saturn with their many
moons during these missions
water is discovered virtually every as
ice on the surface and has water below
the surface
the Sumerians engine plane will water on
Jupiter’s moons
I O in Europa he’s proven
the Sumerian Records indicate water on
in salat us
and tapas to the moons of Saturn
and in that planets spectacular range
the findings at nasa confirms ancient
Sumerian assertions
giving further credence and clarity to
the biblical quote
waters above the firmament halley’s
travel through space itself a
spectacular confirmation that the
biblical claim
waters above the firmament nearly four
billion years old
with the core half the size of Manhattan
Island this mystic travel with rows of
water at the rate of 3270 tons the
with enough mass to continue with spurge
with thousands have you
was injured man on where the spectral
yeah unusual celestial chip reported in
text to have been seen in the year
164 BC is believed to have been
halley’s comet significantly
it was considered deceptive star
Israel in the Bible the book numbers
to I see it though not now
I D whose though it is not near
a star on Jacob did whose sector
with Israel did arise halley’s comet
and it’s like I truly the messengers
Jen’s with the 19th century astronomer
Schiaparelli announced that he had seen
canals on mars
he was ridiculed so too was the
respected American astronomer lowell
in 1916 are with nasa’s unmanned
visit mars in the seventies and again in
the nineties ample evidence have water
in that plan its past
is revealed images from expeditions to
Venus and Mars
exhibit visual evidence have dry see
lake and river beds
characteristic the biblical reference
waters above the firmament
even mercury so close to the Sun seems
to have had a watery past
yet maintaining I said its polar caps
the nasa report Reedsport
we’re forced to no other conclusion but
that we’re seeing the effects of water
on Mars
on quarter and quote Mars once had
water to form a layer several meters
deep over the whole surface of the
on qualms what we previously believed to
be a dry and barren planet
unexpectedly emerges as a planet where
once existed in abundance mars joins
been as
mercury the earth and most recently
Bieber its moons
in corroborating the Sumerian concept
love water
below the firmament the discovery of
water on the moon and distant planets
the possibility of colonization suddenly
becomes much more via
oxygen can be extracted from the water
to the meeting
don’t habitat planets with minimal at
and water is one of the principal
median some rock the this find increased
the possibility of limited tracks
cost we’ve had reports the effect that
the biking equipment
will never determined positively whether
or not there’s life on Mars
kinda sorta straight on this well my own
use it so much too soon to decide
whether we
will have a definitive answer are it may
be that there is a
an exotic biology on mars it may be that
there’s an exotic chemistry
which looks a little bit like biology
was a number experience to be done they
might decide the issue they might not
but either way biking has been a
biological success
because the chemical explanation means
that there is a kind of chemistry the
martian surface which
simulate some big steps have chemistry
and biology we would learn something
important about the origin of life
in October 1988 the Soviet Union Sens tu
unmanned spacecraft Bobos 1&2
name for one the Martian moons to study
the red planet
almost one is lost while on its way to
the foremost to a ride to orbit Mars
immediately sends images back to Earth
on march first nineteen eighty-nine
pictures at this unusual reader received
the grid
here in the upper right his shot both in
the optical range
and the infrared range later they are
merged into this composite overlay
on March 26 fobel’s
to since these images ther taken just
south of the Equator
and unexplained elliptical shape appears
this decision lightly at all the sudden
news why my call it the shadow because
you can see things through it
this in a tutu shadow them is it in
Marsh atmosphere
or on the planet surface one thing is
for sure
this some is not position for rizzle
to me it looks like a rocket taking more
from the surface of mars
and leaving a trail behind will if you’d
want to fantasize
be could be interpreted that way too now
we think we ought to look at the real
circumstances that have caused that
even though they haven’t yet been fully
clarified much more likely to be the
shadow someone jobs in service elements
can be seen through it I’m
how long will it take to process called
information to get more or less
objective scientific results rather than
fantastic once
come back in a week one week later no
details were given
them unexpectedly this report last year
the Soviets launched two spacecraft to
the planet
both named after the Martian moon Phobos
the mission was to photograph mars
and land prove some moon in one was
accidentally switched off by mission
the second reach mars and transmitted
pictures that are still puzzling soviet
as it swung over the equator it took
pictures from a height of six thousand
this is an infrared photograph it shows
differences in temperature
the dark patches a cold
this section covers six hundred
kilometers that shows objects don’t the
two kilometers it’s the most detailed
infrared picture
the planet’s surface some very very thin
lines on the surface of mars
in the infrared between and this helped
his ability to the city
these have a resolution these have a bit
I would guess about three or four
deployed they’re not so Christian want
to do is I certainly don’t know
and the russians on telling us
scientists are also puzzled by this
pictured on the surface of mars by those
optical and heat-seeking cameras
they convince its shadow because they
can see called and that it is time that
world government
officially acknowledged
finally there’s the mystery the
vanishing spacecraft the russians have
yet to release the last picture
transmitted by photos
before it lost contact with ground
control but the russians have said the
teachers and object
coming towards the spacecraft an object
which in their words
should not have been there the
spacecraft was sucking laws
coming into the same ol bed icy moons of
on the last picture about to go halfway
on the soul something that we should be
there professor princess makes the job
that is more awesome people
british scientists will be able to judge
for themselves on the soviets bring
their pictures to a conference
at Exeter last month because there must
be a sensible
explanation Muslim the russians do not
bring any pictures to the Exeter comp
spam how does the russian space agency
explain the spacecraft destruction were
it does take a minimum of precision
criteria to obtain on the image the
which some would like to call flying
and that appeared with individual feel
love the infrared range
it must be pointed out that the flying
saucer version is not
hours actually at first you were saying
that there was no flying saucer
that surely all that useful could be
explained in understandable
natural in physical terms one
possibility to TCP a small me to like
but overall was in stable hitting in an
exclusive interview
conducted in October 1990 in moscow
professor level Mugen
the soviet space research institute
discredits the meteorite theory
true their routines to hypothesize that
there had been
collision between the space scroll which
was then
orbiting Mars in alignment with your
little one’s movements
and strains and dust surrounding
removals itself but some fairly accurate
made by several organizations and my our
institute as well
have shown that this assumption his
lisa’s if not meteorite or debris
then what could possibly explain the
mission’s alongside
spot then in December 1991 marina
former cosmonaut training and retired
Air Force colonel
holds a surprise press conference at the
Russian consulate in San Francisco
she unearths the mysterious last
photograph taken by folks
I’m there is a strange dream in the
colonel popovich close to this isn’t
unidentified flying object
are %um Bowlen the object is juxtaposed
what appears to be the planet’s
honeymoon much mobile homes
which the crap Disney but how is the
mysterious Shadow explains
the Russian seed is a shadow of some
object on or just above the martian
upon further examination in April 1992
with all the related photographs are
compared side by side
scientists reached the conclusion that
the shadow
actually moving if Mars was indeed
decided the space-based
in antiquity with the failure of the
soviet space missions
be attributed to some sort of alien
could be ancient space-based have been
react to me
are so the mystery remains
what caused the spacecraft to
was it a month function almost there and
outside close their heads and impact the
question that arises
is indeed a simple life was the
spacecraft for most
to the by something that
forty out of commission the
circumstances in which for most who was
70 s that someone might be back on mars
someone maybe two knockdowns what then
he’s an alien space
was for those deactivated by intelligent
beings wishing to protect themselves
from outside
or perhaps or some other more eventual
they may never know
but indulging the possibilities %uh the
ruling visitors
present will help us acclimate to their
if and when they finally Duke Kong the
question remains:
how would we as a culture respond
incontrovertible evidence
suspicions be that not only PC did our
own but actually
engineer men’s
all the elusiveness twins the greatest
is the real love life itself
how did begin from what corner of the
universe to the
first in the nation’s existence arrives
was the single life
jury to hurt
planet Nibiru there has been a
blended I’ll interest in biologists on
one hand planetary
astronomers on the other and questioning
or job lot
because the same questions about how
life originated on earth
also would apply
to mars urs some other gap other solar
system and just as I really can’t
explain how life originated on earth
they don’t really know how originated
contemporary scientific thinking
cautiously asserted that life arrives on
when certain chemical substances crash
into the circus
aboard a stray comet early in our
planet’s history
where trying to find out in the media
rises to see whether there are any of
the molecules relating to life there are
certain product is like the amino acid
this may be described as a building
block like directing pennis permian
another scientific theory suggest that
life on Earth
is she didn’t buy a recent beings from
outside the plant
not by chance but as the deluge activity
other-worldly society the Bible suggest
that the creation of humankind
comes at the end of a long list room
pensions mmm all filed
minds times a new and used at home the
and all the creeping things have cooled
Hong it was only then tell him
needed your in the last few pages have
the story
GreenEDGE the Samaritans point to the on
anarchy is the creators of mankind our
own benefactors have life
according to some Marion text the
unlucky in advance in lending
445 thousand years ago sent
Android’s discovered the earth
150,000 years later the on anarchy
themselves arrive
in creating humankind
how was Adam created
according to the Sumerians it was by
genetic engineering
fertilization in vitro in a glass to
as depicted in this cylinder seal ring
ring add them
was the this this you the in Genesis
chapter 1 verse 26
the Bible reads let us make the Adam in
our Image
and likeness but why
samaria documentation suggest the
create too many to assist in mining
African gold
that they need to see the dwindling
atmosphere of their home planet
new people judaism Christianity and
Islam in the three great Western
traditions religious traditions are all
founded on the idea their support or
something special about human beings
we didn’t arrive here accidentally
Sonata some I
consequences billions of years old
pointless accidental
permutations life forms know we were
in the image of God their creation
really is about
the process of our salvation now we’re
what if that were the case
but there were preachers both
technologically more advanced than us
older than us in terms of their
civilization and maybe even more
than ups and more spiritually advanced
if we could imagine
then with this cause the creation story
to collapse and leaving you know
literally billions of people on the
totally confused about the meeting line
the Bible religion incident mankind
overstepping the bounds with nike
when the Babylonians attempt to reach
the gods by building an enormous launch
in the archetypal story the great tower
what use the target at the reference do
according to Zechariah Sitchin
use our neighboring planet Mars home %uh
Vienna Nucky’s way station
on route 2 per this to Marion tablets
with her who the station planet margins
as the travelers ship I have taken it to
it wasn’t much it done that from the
transferred monospace who reach
air orbiting station
not one every there six hundred years
but on a more frequent
Mesopotamia archives identify the 12
members were solar system
with specific symbols some like Mars
earth in Venus are indicated numerically
on this
engine still on the
the No
and we’ll see this sign
with its menu use we see another
for depicted standing on their
called animals but needle
symbolism connected with this idea
he the morn and we see the air
symbolized by disabled
which indicate the position of the from
the out for limits on the solar system
or coming in in the words by somebody
in to from outer space in
the 7.2 birth with its crescent moon and
the six pointed star of mars
a repeating homes in this forty five
hundred-year-old soon Marion depiction
to figures stand on either side to the
some researchers believe that marge was
happening as little as
10,000 years ago
tenth Planet a mysterious species with
the technology to
genetically engineered a little time few
years ago almost there was little
evidence ideas
but after the cloning of Dolly the sheep
and some other breakthroughs in genetic
these concepts in the cell lot laws
when we come back look at some
photographic evidence that raises more
serious questions
about what the mysterious and that
they have left behind the
in with the United States launches the
Mariner and Viking spacecraft to explore
mars in the sixties and seventies
enigmatic structures resembling those on
earth are photographed
this is a feature on mars that nasa
the Inca city here we see it compared
with such a home on proof
these are lines on the Mars surface
these are the Nasca Lines
in Peru I feel that what has been
discovered so far
is very suggestive intelligently am
but it would be irresponsible of me to
say I have proof
what I have his evidence which makes it
here bastards be design like
intelligent thinking process which is
even more advanced than our current in
some ways
I was especially the I by independent
researchers suggestions in the report
that the orientation of the face in the
pyramid I indicated they were built in
alignment with sunrise
it shows done
March about 400 doujin
I could it be that is civilization
capable of space travel almost half a
million years ago
visited this part of the solar system
leaving behind monuments on earth
and Mars the only beans mentioned by
name or the unlucky
the only evidence supporting such a
theory is
evidence abusers by Liana we have seen
societies third that haven’t been
by and cultural
pressure presentation if you like
the more advanced culture has had a
severe impact
on on an existing culture but I think we
we’re intelligent enough to be prepared
for spam
our civilization is technologically able
to venture out into deep space nine
scientific quest to discover
can anyone then denied the possibility
that members from a technologically more
advanced world
may have visited our solar system
thousands of years ago
thanks to the work in Sec Ariah section
and others like it
me know more than we ever have about
ancient cultures
and the life 15 people
%uh mmm
is this Genesis revisited did the
Samaritans in their ancient
tablet reveal that we’re only now
catching up with engine knowledge
the the discoveries making headlines
originate with our ancient ancestors was
this DJ knowledge given to the people
samaria by those distant explorers from
the mysterious
tenth Planet the room the and not be
the final answers may lay buried in
those yet to be uncovered volumes
other phenomenon archives the

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