Phenomenon TV Show ★ Niburu Sumerian Anunnaki Mars Planet X ♦ Zecharia Sitchin Genesis Revisited 2

and that it is time that world
government officially acknowledged
or on you Kenya they have it
shatter onshore for most of the heavens
Jupiter ke Shaher almost a firm lands
the asteroid belt rocky the hammer
grace March long
God of War the man ki
earth what the Sumerians considered to
the seventh planet why the seventh
one other owners are so often referred
to the modern
to Merion records indicate they began
coming not from the Sun but from a
planet on the
outside the solar system %uh but most
was the inclusion of one more large
is the 12-member about solar system
the launch a pioneer Chan in 1972
mushers in the area of deep space
exploration the craft
journeys beyond the outer known plans
sending back deep
that is used to seek a possible tenth
Planet ok
14 August 1978 just about six weeks
after we discovered the fact the pool
the satellite
you have a satellite for money German
how heavy it is
I’ll turns out doodle very much smaller
and lighter weight than
fraud which meant the Pluto has no
influence the old
appreciable influence on the motions of
the planets Uranus and Neptune
that oil room close to home moms
Britain’s at least one yet to be
planning in the outer reaches of the
solar system over the past two decades
physicists have joined astronomers in
the search for the mysterious
planet X one of the things we we did
maintenance and having made this
was a additional plant 10 to 12
Salam put our money where our mouth was
out and started looking for this thing
who’ve been able to find the surgery was
did rather narrow down doable
the storm the answer
is selection we actually are currently
looking down on the region and centaurs
just south the constellation Libra
but you if it is in the kinda global
sprite here
yet would have to be a planet with have
a man something like three to five times
to mean something yours
this would put it intermediate
yeses planets like Uranus and Neptune
and the dress will hold its the
with him you know for the solar system
so if
if this plan it turns out to be in the
3600 your orbit
then it’s it’s more sweet dreams
this one here is remember the solar
system as we know it
the other planets the system orbital
planet Pluto and does he really is the
orbit that I have proposed
for the tenth Planet here’s where we
think it is right about now in its orbit
Planet X exams
we are not alone in the sauna sis
the seventh plant the sacred number
seven 7 days in the week
seven days & Genesis the 7 tablets have
creation a case can be made for
historical coincidence
but to Zechariah Sitchin this kinda
numeric repetition points to more than
just lead
but generally look at the facts about
this tenth Planet are nothing less than
the stock
story on this planet storm by the
seminary inside their 7 tablets
creation begins four billion years ago
when our solar system was much younger
in our own planet
aired be not yet exist the surviving
historical records at the Sumerians
revealed the story of an intruder plant
me be ruled which appeared outta deep
drawn into the center of our solar
system by the planetary beloved Neptune
Uranus Saturn Andrew on an opposing
orbital path with the seventh planet the
planet referred to
in Sumerian Records is to mud maybe ruse
orbit around the Sun place the two
planets on a collision course
to Marion to smuggle me
answers many puzzles that still de san
martin signs
send something to eat was the Dale of
the celestial
collision and knowledge of the solar
with 12 members as they draw near wanted
the satellites and maybe we’ll pensions
you cracking the plant subsequent
collusion smash
happened to you might completely
breaking the pieces in what develops
mostly to the asteroid ok
this is referred to in the Bible in
Sumerian text as
the permanent I
the other half do you mod becomes
the earth is thrust into a new orbital
position carrying with it
too much mean satellite our moved
me be real the intruders cast into a
permanent clockwise sober
orb returning to Perth neighborhood once
each thirty-six hundred years
forever becoming the 12-member from our
solar system
this day love creations a cause
through old-age cuz becoming
but the scientific knowledge that we
this them the creation story
in the aftermath the collusion
the biblical creator a low-key proclaims
lead to water responded to heaven
be guided together into one and let dry
land appear
and it was sold
and Ellen called the dry land whose
and the gathering together
want to use people sees the fruit use
the orbital remains a planetary
scientists believe that the most obvious
place to look for planetary scarring
is seven miles below the surface but the
Pacific Ocean
%uh the new homes
things happen often
and being all years not been called
known prime or their biggest mom
pentium she borden ball
the award newsman two planets
mingle together
the biblical passages Genesis reads in
the beginning God created the heaven
dealers and the earth was without form
and void and darkness was upon the face
of the deep
the and the Spirit of God moved upon the
face of the waters
and got sent the there be lights
and their loss
you fully apply the knowledge of the
message pertinent edge to the biblical
the correct reading a book Genesis
a special in relation to waters and a
lamb said:
left in his tournament
use and let it divide strong-willed
and killing me
dividing the waters which are under the
from the waters Mitchell firms
and million pool
upper waters lower waters what does the
Bible mean by page
thus americans describe your illness and
Neptune is watering plants
what are the conclusions a modern
science in 1979
1980 in 1981 pioneer and Voyager
visit Jupiter and Saturn with their many
moons during these missions
water is discovered virtually every as
ice on the surface and has water below
the surface
the Sumerians engine plane will water on
Jupiter’s moons I O in Europa
he’s proven
the Sumerian Records indicate water on
in salat us
and tapas to the moons of Saturn
and in that planets spectacular range
the findings at nasa confirms ancient
Sumerian assertions
giving further credence and clarity to
the biblical quote
waters above the firmament halley’s
travel through space itself a
spectacular confirmation that the
biblical claim
waters above the firmament nearly four
billion years old
with the core half the size of Manhattan
Island this mystic traveler throes of
water at the rate of 3270 tons the
with enough mass to continue with spurge
with thousands a year
was injured man on where the spectral
unusual celestial chipped reported in
text do have been seen in the year
164 BC is believed to have been
halley’s comet significantly
it was considered is set to star
is a a in the Bible the book numbers
to I see it though not now
Idaho though it is not near
a star on Jacob did crews sector
with Israel did arise halley’s comet
and it’s like I’ve truly the messengers
chins with the 19th century astronomer
Schiaparelli announced that he had seen
canals on mars
he was ridiculed so too was the
respected American astronomer lowell
in 1916 are women asses unmanned
visit mars in the seventies and again in
the nineties ample evidence have water
in that plan its past
is revealed images from expeditions to
Venus and Mars
exhibit visual evidence have dry see
lake and river beds
characteristic the biblical reference
waters above the firmament
I’ll even mercury so close to the Sun
seems to have had a watery past
yet maintaining I said its polar caps
the nasa report Reedsport
we’re forced to no other conclusion but
that we’re seeing the effects of water
on Mars
on quarter and quote Mars once had
enough water to form a layer several
meters deep over the whole surface of
the planet
unquote of what we previously believed
to be a dry and barren planted
unexpectedly emerges as a planet where
water once existed
in abundance mars joins been as
mercury the earth and most recently the
birds moons
in corroborating the Sumerian concept
dove water
below the firmament discovery of water
on the moon and distant planets
the possibility of colonization suddenly
becomes much more via
oxygen can be extracted from the water
to be moved in don’t
habitat planets with minimal at and
water is one of the principal
billion some rock the this find
increased the possibility of limited
we’ve had reports the effect that the
biking equipment
will never determined positively whether
or not there’s life on Mars
kinda sorta straight on this well my own
use it so
much too soon to decide whether we will
have a definitive answer
are it may be that there is a an exotic
biology on mars it may be that there’s
an exotic chemistry
which looks a little bit like biology
was a number rich parents to be done
they might decide the issue they might
but either way biking has been a
biological success
because the chemical explanation means
that there is a kind of chemistry
Martian surface which
simulates on the steps chemistry and
biology we would learn something
important about the origin of life
in October 1988 the Soviet Union Sens tu
unmanned spacecraft Bobos 1&2
name for one the Martian moons to study
the red planet
almost one is lost while on its way to
the foremost who arrives to orbit Mars
immediately sends images back to Earth
on march first nineteen eighty-nine
pictures at this unusual reader received
the grid
here in the upper right his shot both in
the optical range
and the infrared range later they are
merged into this composite overlay
on March 26 fobel’s
to since these images ther taken just
south of the Equator
and unexplained elliptical shape appears
this decision lightly at all the sudden
news why my call it the shadow because
you can see things through it this in a
tutu shadow then visit in March that was
huge or on the planet surface
one thing is for sure this some is not
positions result
well to me it looks like a rocket taking
more from the surface of mars
and leaving a trail behind will if you’d
want to fantasize
could be interpreted that way too now we
think we ought to look at the real
circumstances that have caused that
even though they haven’t yet for the
tiny hiney much more likely to be the
shadows summer jobs in service elements
can be seen through it I’m
how long will it take to process called
the information to get more or less
objective scientific results read it and
fantastic once
come back in a week one week later
no details were given them unexpectedly
this report last year the Soviets
launched two spacecraft to the planet
both named after the Martian moon Phobos
the mission was to photograph mars
and land proves on move in
one was accidentally switched off by a
mission operate
the second reach mars and transmitted
pictures that are still puzzling soviet
as it swung over the equator he took
pictures from a height of six thousand
this is an infrared photograph it shows
differences in temperature
the dark patches a cold
this section covers six hundred
kilometers that shows objects times the
size a
two kilometers it’s the most detailed in
for a picture
the planet’s surface hot Sun very very
thin lines on the surface of mars
in the infrared between and this helped
his ability to this is a good time
these have a resolution little bit I
would guess about three or four o’clock
deployed they’re not so Christian want
to do is I certainly don’t know
and the russians on telling us
scientists are also puzzled by this
pictured on the surface of mars by those
optical and heat-seeking cameras
they convince its shadow because they
can see all

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