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and that it is time that world
government officially acknowledged
my are
the revealed in upcoming episodes at
this program
by the contents have a recently
unearthed repository classified by the
secret government
the phenomenon arms
the do
was our res genetically-engineered six
thousand years ago
we created by beings from distance may
seem to work as laborers toward some
unknown in the mood
from each hidden meanings to the
we have grappled with engines arming
one of the question our origins falls
outside the realm of socialism
what would happen to our culture the
wind is coming in we as a race
90 more than the result in the genetic
experiment conducted my niece
union-leader the new over the course of
the 20th century we have witnessed
exponential advancements in the
collective knowledge mankind in every
field of science and technology
our achievements are no longer measured
in centuries decades
but in years and even months
with this extraordinary growth mankind
is surpassed every achievement
recorded throughout the millennia I’ve
known civilization characters
with one of the breakthroughs today
concerning humanity
the your in our beginnings are not new
wisdom at all would have much of this
recent knowledge least she quitted the
way the moon’s a once-powerful society
awaiting your discovery of
good this alleged new knowledge
uncovered intrudes blue corner of the
be considered Genesis revisited this is
the belief that the world-renowned
linguistic expert in the field of
cultural anthropology
Zechariah Sitchin I’m the classic in
I devoted my life style
ancient civilizations ancient languages
there start their believes
and knowledge that the head and
the question is when you study when you
look at the all that
is it meets is it mythology already did
really have a little I believe he called
really couple in our obsession with
antagonisms at the moment we often
forget how much unites
all the members humanity low perhaps we
need some
outside universal threat to make us
recognize this comment about
I occasionally think how our differences
would vanish if we were facing an alien
threat from outside
this world yet I ask
is not an alien force already a much
spaces the
inescapable challenge to all the
advanced nations have beer
there was tablished the United States is
the preeminent space-faring nations
first for the coming decade for the
nineteen nineties space station
freedom and next for the new century
the back to the moon back to the future
and this time back to stay and then a
journey into tomorrow
journey to another planet a manned
Martin’s a manned mission to Mars
an ambitious objectives and with the
success of the Mars probes in nasa’s
one that humanity has made substantial
strides toward achieving
could there have been a speech based on
mars in antiquity
we had visible handful
evidence it the the
artifacts on mars we are not only not
you neva by someone has been
mondex planted over that in itself
global forever change your frame a
mankind came out of the dark age and the
Middle Ages
reach the age of enlightenment
experience the Industrial Revolution
entered the era of advanced technology
the Aero
genetic engineering and the error up
speak split
farm worker from a rival things back in
calm him down a No
angle and our astronauts will land
like Eagles zachariah citizens research
reveals that
in our ancient past there were dance
beans referred to as the anarchy
translated those who from heaven to burn
came dude the idea that there
was in our solar system a race
intelligent beings far older than us
who are now gone would certainly force
us to rethink a lot of questions
including the question of human origins
more where did we come from could we be
the product of genetic engineering
the hypothesis that modern science is
only now catching up with injured
is inspiring scientists and researchers
to increase efforts to rediscover that
which may have been lost
overtime I’ll rekindle situation that
lain dormant almost 5,500
use that incident ok down
mental in the Babylonian version the
biggest story
that people about the wrong with
revealing that now I’m
was head should reach the heavens in
which to shame
stay strong
was to be installed under the direction
of their supreme going home
but the either the team’s were not
amused by this for a of mankind
into the space age the biblical story
recalls that
ya BA came down to see the city and the
tower that the humans were building
any said to his colleagues in Genesis
chapter 11 this is just the beginning
with their undertakings
them now own anything that they should
scheme to do
you should no longer be impossible for
com let us go down confuse their
so that they should not understand each
other speech the banks to the science of
experts now know that the first great
emerged almost 6,000 years ago all
within the group
all did in the mines its
older than the Incas the people that
this society were called soon Marion’s
after their land sue Maher in the Great
Plain between the Euphrates and Tigris
today’s iraq the book of Genesis called
the land
engineer for generations
biblical scholars you read more biblical
references to ancient kingdoms
categorized uses legend or more do the
study of historical relics and the
translational ancient languages
many biblical researchers now believe
that the previously question
Old Testament references are indeed
historically authentic
accounts belushi advanced cultures
if you study the Genesis document
you know that God made Adam out of clay
and then
talking about his rear on his ribs at
if you study the stock and you discover
that it is really a
a much shorter version pull a much more
complicated document it comes out of
catalonia and dance assume errands on
ancient taxol killer really complicated
are powerful non-human
god-like beings actually engineering
pass making us with for specific
Zechariah Sitchin investigation into
these cultures
brings him to this six thousand year old
temple in excavating a real
the ancient city you know
until its discovery only 150 years ago
Eric was known only through passages in
the bike
the temple is dedicated to the penal got
its name
you not
also referred to in later times as
you can see here features in the pool
head divinity he was marked by be their
accused she had a John
with the water of life and
she was surrounded as a declaration but
perhaps also symbolically
with the symbol that some research to
isn’t wine snakes which was singled
signs some those days 6 hours
some finding me a free care so
the Egyptian on which was the symbol of
life in
for the results have mister surgeons
research approved the theory that this
busy job in twine snakes
is the symbol for genetic manipulation
up DNA
cars out in stone over 6,000 years ago
ishtar is sometimes depicted flying
through the sky
in leading the Earth’s atmosphere to
push the hills
in ancient Mesopotamia the secret
service trauma me and other celestial
are kept carefully guard study behind
closed doors
play in expansion society a priest
strong years
cylinder seals like these are the only
surviving recognise carefully guarded
the new this clay tablet carries the
printer the cylinder seal about forty
five hundred years old
are it depicts the God in Lille granting
the plow to humankind assuring in the
major modern agriculture I
on closer inspection something
completely remarkable can be seen
a detailed depiction of the complete
solar system configured
dented lead to that known to
contemporary size with the Sun
Holland big listen to each planet
appears in its correct position
and relative proportions to the other
planetary bodies
on the outskirts is one additional
planet a 10
not currently located by astronomers
have our modern era
astronomers around the world are on the
lookout for this innovative celestial
is a growing body a physical evidence
that it does in fact exist
history records the discovery on the
planet Pluto as february eighteenth
third by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh yet
pluto is clearly shown on the imprint
taken from missionary in cylinder seal
there’s also one additional plant the
one that scientists refer to as the
mysterious planet X
the yet undiscovered most distant member
have our solar system
according to modern science
prior to the invention of the telescope
in the sixteen hundreds
humanity had no knowledge about lying
planets beyond Jupiter
as these bodies cannot be viewed with
the naked eye since the day I galileo
gonna lay
optical astronomers have amassed an
important body of knowledge about the
other plans
these theories is devilish by
astronomers from around the globe have
uncontested these last century’s with
the technological advancements have our
new vantage points and develop such as
the unobstructed view of nasa’s hubble
and respect came through unmanned roles
7 reconnaissance missions
to the outer reaches our solar system
these breakthroughs in space exploration
reveal many inaccuracies in earlier
astronomical conclusions
on August 19 1977 the American space
Voyager 2 means keep in Avalon a several
year journey to the city of the solar
system’s most
just plans
the voyagers discoveries challenge many
astronomers recent conclusions
while fully corroborating inch knowledge
I’m for the first time we see images and
astonishing it is exactly is the
Sumerians report in their six
description building have no telescopes
that we know
the Sumerians characterize Uranus as
sheik translated
right removed they also explain unique
planetary told euronews
according to the Sumerians our solar
system was invaded by a planetary body
that closed collisions and disrupted the
existing work
nasa scientists concurred that a
collision with a body the size amor
traveling at 40,000 miles per hour could
cause both before middle skewl Uranus
and the devastation apparent from the
planet’s service kern
its neighbor Neptune was described as a
blue-green planted by the Sumerians
millennia ago
but scientists only confirmed this back
during the past few decades
the Sumerians mean enlisted all the
planets in our solar system their
documented list
these planets is tangible evidence they
need at least one respect:
modern man is on a path ok rediscover
engine knowledge with the planets Uranus
and Neptune
supposedly unknown until discovered
in 1781 in 1846 and even
pluto not discovered until 19th St

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