Article Marketing

Writing articles and submitting to other blogs:

This is a good steady way to build back links to your web site, blogs especially wordpress mu blogs are often updated and therefore spidered often by the seach engines so submitting articles to these blogs on a regular basis will help you gain many good quality back links.

The best way for you to do this is to join free traffic system it is a free service where you can write articles and submit them to wordpress blogs hosted on different servers therefore getting good quality back links.

free traffic system will allow you to write 1 article and spin it to make many different articles from the original very quickly and submit them to 30 blogs at a time saving you a lot of hard work.

go to free traffic system – its free to join.

writing articles and submitting to article directories.

Submitting articles to article directories is also a good way to get back links to your web site, at the bottom of this post is a list of a few article directories you can submit to, you can also search on google for some more.

If you want to make this job much easier and faster I recommend using magic article writer and submitter the magic article writer will allow you to write 1 article and spin it to make many different articles from the original very quickly then you use the magic article submitter to submit your articles to 100’s of article directories, it takes so much time off your work load i’ts worth it.

magic article writer and submitter is not free but worth its money for the time it saves you in submitting articles.

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7 comments on “Article Marketing

  1. Peter Williams on said:

    excellent tool for free for blog posting
    thank you

  2. D.Tylor on said:

    I have used the free traffic system for a while now and it’s great

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  4. Elyza on said:

    Geez, that’s unbleieavble. Kudos and such.

  5. Lesa on said:

    Articles like these put the cosneumr in the driver seat?very important.

  6. Delly on said:

    It?s about time soeomne wrote about this.

  7. Mitch on said:

    And I thought I was the sesinlbe one. Thanks for setting me straight.

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