Google search results or S.E.R.P

Did you know that some time ago Google made some changes to the way we see search results.

Now Google will show you results based on your search history, so if you search for something that you have previously searched then your search results will appear based on what sites you clicked on before.

so if you are using Google to check your own web page results you may be fooled into thinking that you have a page one ranking but wonder why you are not getting any traffic to your site, well the reason is that you have searched for your site before and clicked on your site from the results, this is why you are seeing your site on the first page.
Steps to take:
Clear your “Google search history” and your cookies and you will see what everyone else sees


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One comment on “Google search results or S.E.R.P

  1. Philly on said:

    Wow, your post makes mine look febele. More power to you!

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