Erich Von Daniken – Chariots of the gods Ancient Aliens Documentary – Anunnaki Hidden Technology 2

some text from the video…

ancient sourceshas given up in sequenceto few scholars at work deciphering the mountains of parchmentorkut documents gathering dust in museums and librariesmoreover what little has been decodedcalls for careful study to determine just what the verifiable facts tocontainwe should no longer permit ourselves to dismiss accounts of sky vehicles andtraveling deities and sheer imaginationthere is a lesson in the reaction of those subsea islanders to their firstexperience with white women airplanesif they don’t have a rightsurely their impressions would make up test agreedwe would be wise to discover what truths lightly-armed religionsand mix of ancient timesto take them seriously one and it’s just that a hundred years agohere on the shores of asia minorin eighteen sixty foura man came searching for the legendary city of drawinghe founded beneath this billfinancially mountainmade up his mind speak details of homer iliad in the odysseywhat happened on simpson’s at the white man if you dohomers stories were written eight centuries before christ and charming asthey are we all know they are only poetrybut i’m actually month had bigthe factual historical side of the blind by the congressand at last is big was rewardedfollowing the poets leaderhe found agent royimagine his pleasure in getting his wife jewelry in american primus royaltreasure houseimagine the satisfaction in locating troy exactly where homer city dwellersdreamland was ridiculed in his own gametoday’s is considered one of the greatest archaeologists of all timesfollowing his examplelet’s take another great document literallythe bible saysand the lord arraigned on sutherland tomorrowbrimstone and brianwhat actually happened certainly the nineteen th chapter of the first book ofmoses describes dramatic eventgod sent his passengers to one odds family of impending disaster the angelstold like sheet for your lifedo not look back we’ll stop anywhere in the valleylead to the hillslest you because you’ve been today of course we know that the mountain offersprotection from radio activitythe messengers were insistent leave the city immediatelywe might well wonder if they havefor knowledgeof an atomic explosiongetrightmini-seriesflourishing cities of solomon tomorrow levellaid wasteat a single strokekind of power to the research a devastating blow was not a man’s handsin those daysthe report of the catastrophe cannonsand he looked down into heavenenvelope the smoke of the land went up to the smoker the furnacemanoharan designer rangerises more than six thousand five hundred feet above sea levelera moses received the ten commandments and here also the lord gave him theblueprints for the art of the companyin chapter twenty five of the second book of moseshe gives directions for the erection of this amazing structureand they shall make a lot of acacia woodto cubans on the hatch obviouslythe cuban atop it spread manipulative appetite and usual overlaid with puregoldwithin and without general related and you should make a point doubling of goldroundaboutthe lord was extremely precise about the building of a darkhe won but no one should come your structureit represented a mortal dangerand though he himself would speak to moses from the covering plate he couldnot be seenmoses was even to provide special shoes and clothingto protect his workshoes and clothing that will insulate them properlyif we were to build a replica of the art today according to those instructionswho would have a condenser charged with several hundred volts one side of theplanes carrying a negative charge and the othera positive onethe bible says the ought bristled with sparks and bright flashes as in theseold paintingsindeedwhen moses is about to be auto the lord would speak to him through itcould the old she could get the ball of light speaker of the producing thelord’s voice from afarin nineteen sixty onea group of minnesota college students took moses seriously enoughto construct an apartmentaccording to his directionstheir instructor however had to have the model destroyed because of thedangerously high electrical charge it developsfewer from the twentieth centurygoodbye was full of astonishing accom select automotiveknown as the drivingblew the ascension of elijah polly was taxesunless it wasthe storyteller was eyewitness to an unprecedented actually beenacquiring cherrythrown by training horses came from having to take elijah alwaysanother sensational occurrence in the book of mormon many in office hasrecreated the story of the things you know the profitin the thirty of herein the four th modelone of the bay of the monththe heavens were openas i looked peoplea stormy winds above the normgreat clout with whiteness from the budget and fire brushing fourthcontinuallyand in the midst of the budget whereleaning bronzeand for the midst of attacking the likeness of living creaturesand this was their appearance they have the form of menthirty to four places and each of them had four weeksas for the lateness of the faces each of the face of the mattera lion on the right amounts on the leftand nikolai at the backwoody’s yukio to describe the landing of visitors from space very different termshowever lookedi sought wheeler bonita beside the living creatures one for each of themwould like to be one of the crystallitetheir construction being as it were wheel with the wwhen they went they went to many of their poor directions without turningout their websitebefore we go separate waysand exposeand they’re in for a full of eyes roundabout what is the engines of thespaceshipand when they wenti heard the sound of their wings like the founder of the almightya sound of to votelike the sound of a horsethe prophet had witnessed a dazzling sitehow closely resembles the launching of a multi stage pocketeven to the screen with a tangent to blast offthese pictures speak for themselvesthis is how really biblical illustrators represented the angels approxcreature with metal legs and landing discsdoesn’t that look familiarlook carefully at the right side of this picturethis is the monastery of designing in the peaceful countryside of southernyugoslavialollord george was decorated with press goes in the middle of the fourteenseparaterecently the question’s been asked onto the press goes up to study representspaceshipsholesthey do look a bit like spaceshipsin the first shiftwe see a man seateddescend on a stick shifthe is definitely observing the second spaceshiphe’s no detail dynamicjust suck clearly seenthe spectators are protecting the faces with their handsthere obviously terrifiedthere is no explanation for the originor purpose of these fantastic pictures nor for the prehistoric rock paintingsdiscovered at the balcom monica near pressure imagerythere are portrayals of strange gods invoking primitive overallsthat would seem to carry on camerathe city on the golden hornappears to have the powers of darknessserious set of maps it gets herewhich was done in the koreans by the turkish admiral period riseduring the eighteenth centurythe oldest of these maps dates back to the first century a_d_they are most likely copies of still clearly a messthe ornamentation of ships and othersis of a later datehere is one of themit shows part of europe and africaas well as central and south americalesson that i was so stressed remarks into space capsulein orbit high above cargowe would see the earthin this configuration consonants the most amazing thing about the maps apiriseis that they surely mistercrew what we would seem from only one point in spacetype of cardanother remarkable thingdescribe shows the region which is still largely are exploredthe antarcticin fact the existence of antarcticaas a continentwell only established in the nineteenth centuryhowever this map dates from fifteen thirty twowe can only conclude that these ancient charts represent what was seen bysomeonehad a great distance from the earth itselfa city of three million inhabitants anayatwelve miles from cairo iski izzatthe site of the most enigmatic structures known to mankindthe pyramidsthe area of the base of the settlement of chiapasis about five hundred seventy thousand square feeta small town of five hundred willingness could be erected in that spaceits completionthe pyramid was four hundred seventy seven feet highit has lost only thirty two feetits original heightpassages lead to its interior vthe total weight of the deficit is six and a half million timesroughly the latest sixty five dollars or more than otherstwo million three hundred thousand stone blockswe used to build the seven wonder of the worldeach of whichways of crushingtwo-and-a-half tongreystone masses were transported from acquiring in the market ammounton the bar banks of the nileat a time when men have neither craneswith no loose of coursenot very likelyin those days yesterdayonly bigpond crew in the regionwe screwed was a necessary part of the workers dietand how could work with succeed in holding these colossal stone blocks to aheight of over four hundred feetlet’s try the following figures on for sizebut it doesn’t work thenclosely scheduled football and install ten bucks a daywould need six hundred and sixty forty yearsfor more than thirty generations to build one pyramidbut it couldn’t have been built in the time of one final questionif you multiply the height of the pyramid of chiapas by one billionbt close almost exactly the distance from the birth to the sitea mere coincidencethe luggage and which also the center of the pyramid the chaos divides continentsand oceans eager to equal powers just mere coincidenceat the end of the sixteenth centurythe dutch mathematician billarrived at the bigger pie by which one can determine the circumference of thecircleif we divided perimeter of the base of the pyramid of chiapas like twice theheightthe exactlythe figure podwhich in gulf only found four thousand years later could still be merecoincidenceit’s almost impossible to brush off the vast body of mathematical anastronomical valuesembodied in the pyramids constructionhas just come in

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