Why Use wordpress?


The reason I suggest to use wordpress is that it is simple to use and  it is open source which means that it has thousands of themes/templates and plugins for you to use, wordpress gives you an admin panel to write your content and add themes or templates etc so there is no need to hire a web design company you can do everything yourself with simplicity which is what you need if you are going to be adding content to your site on a daily basis.

Of course there are many other blog platforms that are available and you can choose any one of them but I always recommend WordPress hosted on your own domain/webspace not to be confused with the free wordpress blog.

wordpress.com is where you can set up a free blog but WordPress MU (multi user) is a blog platform hosted on your own server/domain.

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9 comments on “Why Use wordpress?

  1. Peter Williams on said:

    I tried to use another type of blog but came back to WordPress , you are right it is so simple to use and update.

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  3. Peter Bradley on said:

    Keith do you think WordPress is better for SEO than other blogs or web sites?

    • Keith Revell on said:

      Hi Peter
      Great question
      No WordPress is not any better than any other site for SEO, any site including a WordPress Blog needs you to do the SEO, you need to do your keyword research and do the on page SEO by adding the title, description, tags etc to the site.
      The only thing that I would say is that Wordress have some SEO plugins which will assist you with this, for example “All in one SEO” is a plugin that will automatically add keywords etc to your page without you adding them manually, you do this by changing the settings to “add keywords by tags or category” but it is still best to add them manually for each page.

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  5. Lynda on said:

    Wow! Great thniikng! JK

  6. Cherilynn on said:

    With the bases laoded you struck us out with that answer!

  7. Kaedon on said:

    YMMD with that anwser! TX

  8. I love wordpress i use it all the time
    there are plugins for almost everything you can think of

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