Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important part of building a web site

Many people think that they can just make a website upload it to their server and people will visit, this of course is not correct, it is the main reason people fail at making an income online just taking the time to fully research your market can be the difference between success or failure.

Choosing your niche and researching your keywords takes time and if done wrong it will be a sure way to failure it is the most important part of building your web site and should be done before buying your domain name and web space, search engines favor URL’s with relevant keywords within the URL for example if your market is about green tea you could choose a domain name like green-tea-suppliers.com instead of joesmith.com it makes sense but so many people do not take this into account when buying their domain name, of course if your web site is going to be about many subjects then a more general domain name is fine.

Keyword research is not just for the domain name each page of your web site needs to be optimized for your key words, different on each page.

each page will have a – title tag – a description – keywords tag and header tags this is what the search engines will see when they spider your web site and it shows them what your pages are about, this is known as on page SEO.

Google Keyword Tool – It’s a free tool designed for google adwords but it will give you some ideas for your research.

You can also use a great tool called Micro Niche Finder- click here to see a Video on how it works: Create Simple Little One Page Articles to Promote Affiliate Products:



The main keyword tool that I use is Market Samurai you can download it for free.

It is a free trial version but still remains active after the trial just certain functions disabled.

here’s what market samurai can do:

download it here

Below are the tutorials on how to use Market Samurai

There are many videos here watch them all and spend some time getting used to the software it has some very powerful features, if you get confused at some of it don’t panic just take your time and follow the video instructions, you will benefit in the end for your hard work.

Stay focused – this keyword research process is the most important part of creating your new web site.



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  1. Stone196 on said:

    Great advice again Keith, its always great to find the best ways to do your keyword research, and this is free
    Keith many thanks

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    That addresses several of my cocnrnes actually.

  11. Thank you for this… can’t believe it is free also

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