Choose Your Niche

nicheFirst thing to note is that you will be promoting “YOU” not your product, service or opportunity.

Anything on the Internet needs to be based on trust, respect and familiarity.
People need to find your information helpful to their needs, remember that people are searching for answers to their questions they do not go online looking for your product, service or opportunity.
Never have a website or blog that shows your opportunity in their face with flashing banners or join now buttons etc, give valuable information on your subject and direct people to a product when and only when it is appropriate to do so, don’t ram it in their face.

You need to brand yourself around the niche that you choose to be an expert in.

So for example if you are passionate about Golf then make your blog about Golf, show tips on “how to improve your golf swing” or “how to become a master golf player” etc.
There are always products that you can recommend to your viewers where you will earn a commission.
If it is a business opportunity that you will be promoting the same rule applies, once people enjoy your information, get to know and trust you they will be curious to find out what it is that you do to make your money.

There is always a subject that you know a lot about, just think what it is that you are interested in or passionate about, if you get stuck and think that you don’t know enough about the subject then just take the time to learn more about the subject, it’s not difficult to study and post what you learn.

The second thing to remember is that there must be a market for your niche there is no point creating a web site and spending all your time on content if no one is searching for your niche, that’s where keyword research comes in.

It can take a long time finding your niche and keywords but it is well worth it in the end,  go here for keyword research

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7 comments on “Choose Your Niche

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  3. Choosing a niche to build a site around can be the hardest part. I have a number of sites that I built, as I was initially learning all this, which I really have no interest in. I’d much rather have just a few sites that I care and know about to build in. That is the direction I’m heading in now, but my personal interests are either unpopular or difficult to monetize – – I’ll come up with something though. (I want to avoid IM, everybody and their uncle is promoting IM, although you’ve done a very nice job with this site!)

  4. Tiger on said:

    That’s a mold-breaker. Great tinhikng!

  5. Andi on said:

    I’m not esaily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

  6. Wanita on said:

    Your article was excellent and eruitde.

  7. Marlie on said:

    Good to see a tlaent at work. I can?t match that.

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