Anunnaki e Nibiru: Tudo o que precisa saber. Legendado

captions from the video…

4,000 miles west of China
another tale a celestial beings
influencing civilization can be found
this time
in what is now modern day iraq demand
alone in legend
I V newmar publish dates back to the
seventh century BC
do the taxed was first discovered in
by British archaeologist sir Austen
Henry Layard
while searching the ruins of the library
Asher monopole
Innova the story tells of how the first
humans were created
fine extraterrestrial race known as the
in the ancient texts of samaria we have
descriptions of these
beings this sending from the sky called
the on anarchy the term on inaki
means though who’s who from the heavens
came it says word-for-word
that these beings descended in flying
from the sky and we can finally
of the anarchy but also depictions and
we can see min statues
in carvings so it’s all very interesting
to see
that those beings looks like modern-day
space travelers with weird suits
some of them were arrest watches they
boots on and helmets and above all
wings and they were always described or
in floating above some
corn called regular people the
so the question is home were
the %uh nah nah key and according to the
International Group offices
they were space travelers who visited
earth in the remote past
%uh here in what is now known as
iraq lies what is commonly regarded by
historians and archaeologists
as the cradle of civilization the
between 3500
in 1900 BC the fertile area between the
Tigris and Euphrates rivers
was the home the samarium people the
Sumerians were won the first culture is
that bill to actual cities with
streets and at the street grid like
almost like new york city were you happy
a square street grid they invented
cobblestones they had a sewage system
they were taught in in agriculture
I’m the
the Samaritans also invented the first
known writing system
by using cuneiform script on clay
and in the nineteenth century %uh
exploring the ancient ruins have known
about the discovered 22,000 up these
clay tablets
%uh when they were later translated the
described many stories similar to those
found in the judeo-christian Bible
who virtually every story that’s in
Genesis the
love story are they had a mini store
they all have precedence
with the engine Smyrnes him
in 1976 author zachariah sichuan
published his own translations on the
Cimmerian tax
in a series of books called the earth
according to Sitchin the clay tablets
describe in
alien race known as the on anarchy who
came to earth
to mine gold sickle I Section
as the sentry suggested that the reason
why we were visited in the remote past
is because the ancient ass not home
needed gold for their atmosphere
and that their gold content in the
atmosphere was
depleting so they came to birth
in order to mine gold and bring it back
to their home planet
odin is an alliance section the a domino
with the first modern humans
they were created by the unagi 450,000
years ago
when they genetically mix their DNA with
a prehistoric man
big took one cell above this
and sister of us date changed the cell
by an artificial mutation be changed to
DNA called
what our genetic suddenly everyday its
card in there stone
missus not something made up this is
part in this scenario in history they
believe that their gods came down
and created them and they were their
slave species
they knew that and they didn’t have any
philosophical beliefs about the purpose
a man or anything you believe sections
30 that mankind was created by UT’s for
slave labor
all of a sudden it makes sense and then
when you look at the biblical
terms of what may have happened Adam and
Eve sure
they may have been to individuals back a
long time ago
the beginning of time but perhaps Adam
and Eve were the first to be genetically
human beings
on closer comparisons between the Hebrew
and thus a merry in tax reveal many
I’m not only in their stories but also
in their language %uh Adam his Hebrew
firm and I’m the Domino is with the
Samaritans refer to ask first manned the
I’m not be slaves on but do this in
Marion tablets
actually describe an alien race a race
that conducted mining operations on a
global scale
thousands of miles away on the African
ruins a beach in gold mines have
recently been discovered
the largest concentration
can be found in South Africa where some
according to scientists date back some
150,000 years
or in areas that have an abundance of
gold right now
so it’s very possible but they could
have my dad now the big question is how
do we know they were human beings that
simply did that why the ET theory
in many languages and Africa the native
WordPress star means bringer of
or enlightenment some African cultures
that extraterrestrial beings have been
visiting the earth for tens of thousands
of years
zoo legends speak at a time when
visitors from the stars
came to excavate gold and other natural
these mines will work by partita Lee
produced flesh-and-blood slaves
created by the first people some
ancient mines in southern Africa are
thought to be a hundred thousand years
or old give humans were doing that
a hundred thousand years ago and making
medals then we would have to assume
be actual address real stupid in 1849
in what is now iraq British
Austen Henry Layard uncovered numerous
some Marion clay tablets
inscribed with cuneiform script dating
to 4000 BC based on interpretations are
the tablets
ancient astronaut the response leave and
advance grace
and intelligent beans arrived on Earth
450,000 years ago
during the age up neanderthals
and through genetic engineering they
Homo sapiens what is commonly referred
as modern-day human beings the some
talk about a civilization that came here
from above
on another planet called the beer world
call these creatures the unlucky high
level people
who came here to mine for gold and in
order to do it
they needed to genetically alter the
that happen to be on the planet at the
time they created
ma’am according to the Sumerian tax
it’s not impossible they’ve we exist
as the results all gene manipulation
we other only one who kemp out of the
family tree
with culture why evolution say’s by
we have adapted a spaced I say no
it wasn’t out the fishing mutation made
out the family tree
in the on anarchy saw the Neanderthal
man naturally evolve in your honor
and just decided to put their genetic
marker on
eating they took eighty percent of their
genes and 20 percent
up the home in a way that was here in
created us
in their image in after their likeness
and this was essentially when modern
humanity was born
and starts to show up in the fossil
record it wasn’t until seventy five
thousand years ago
but you have the super volcano that goes
off in Lake Tahoe Bob
in the aftermath of that great Cataclysm
it appears that we went through further
genetic modification regarding
as one of the all this written stories
in history do be epic
of Gilgamesh %uh told a man’s journey to
the heavens
to meet the God mono
the Gilgamesh a pic which goes back to
the Sumerian
that said peace were the hero gosh teams
flies over the earth and he’s tried to
tell you that looks more about
fascinated an old story of the first
flight chords Hilton
Moses one up on mount sinai to meet with
quote unquote got
and I quote and they saw the Ghana
Israel and there was under his feet
as it were a paved to work of sapphire
stone and he was like the very heavens
in it through radiating clarity
and my question is the something like
this exists or was it some sort of a
Metallica Rampton
but it gets even better
Moses actually describes earth scene
from outer space
the quote is thereupon
I saw the whole round of the earth at
wants the depth
of the earth and the basque altitudes of
the heavens
I mean here he describes earth as being
at the time that should have not been no
according to mainstream scientists is it
that Moses was inspired by a force not
only from the heavens
but from another world
itself is it possible that bother devine
inspirations have also had other-worldly
ridiculous in same ancient aliens
earth centuries ago building monuments
on influencing scripture
but wanted all turned out to be true I’m
what would happen if just one piece at
evidence turned up
one stone one key that proved that
montana can have been right
all along and if he is right
what does that suggest about our future
it alien visitors had come here before
would they come again
the if the ancient feeling ASRock
theory is somehow proven to be true this
would be a huge boon
to my work and to the search for other
planets like Earth with life on them
because if alien ass rats had visitors
in the distant past
it means they’re pretty nearby and it
means that we don’t have to look very
to find planets like Earth with signs of
life on a but
evidence has to to be treated with a
great deal of caution
because he has different meanings I
not sure quite the reaction all the
I’m that will strengthen
the general concept the are history
religions in the world
needs to be looked at again with more
respect and also with more wonder
meaning what are we supposed to make at
this now and what are we supposed to be
doing this now
and honestly the way things are going on
this planet right now
I would welcome a visitation every once
in a while
a little help
there is no doubt that my head but this
is we’d be
accepted by the mainstream is maybe a
question of just
trife or 10 ES company
sure all 82 we have contact with someone
out there
and then thinking they will return
and if you don’t listen to it for then
he can you will have the shock
of the gods it

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