Anunnaki Dark Gods / Thoth

captions from the video…

many have
ask me why I pay so very little
attention to nip even as a major force
in a row of where humanity is and has
why is it that I don’t discuss it more
my beloved like family here is why first
it is absolutely true that those
who came in here from the b-room in
actual fact not long after a disaster
had cleared the surface of the purse
inhabitants were from the Pew ended in
fact become
the ruling family from which atlantis
at least one of them was established
and we do in our book secrets if the
hidden realms goes through
the multiple and times that and atlantis
has been present in the Atlantic Ocean
in appearance came in from the planet
mebbe roof which
as small stuff you know makes elliptical
over to the other side
of mourners and the last time it was
was two thousand two years ago so
their isn’t ruling family that is
mentioned in this million records
so much my righty X but I have received
from the history keepers
us the planet and Ashley also the
history keepers
of the cosmos so they were able to give
us information about the pair’s
long before it even arrived in this
particular solar system according to
those history keepers
in 90 is not the granddaughter of
the father in Lille who was at that
ruler of the heirs she was in fact his
but she worse and she was not
in the book to give to the unicorns in a
second heart is it
that discusses the history of the cycles
DC engine and ascension that the Earth
has been in for
millions and millions of years it is
clearly stated
that I sis who is in nine-a
walked into the family that their minds
were changed to remember
a childhood as was everyone’s to
a child but she did in fact never
actually an experience even read s
ordered banks
the secret as to why the CS his
in the book the dollar opening the doors
I’ve had which is the revelations I sis
a translation from the latin the
library’s of ices from her language
so that is the first place where I
from that which is written in this
million records
and then there are other areas in which
their is
a different from popularity cheeks there
is a history given about who took over
in a beer who when and that sort of
and the reason that it is so irrelevant
at this point
set new puter cease to exist as the
ascension to cross into higher and
higher levels
and imbue cease to exist because the
actual galaxy that it came from cease to
and certainly be ruined history is at
this point
for us only relevant as to how it shaped
mankind much he miss crimes and so on
are attributed to rock who was those
older brother
named Mike Duke back he was aggressive
company those did incredible
atrocities underneath the surface
while on the surface he appeared to be
a very great shock to me for I had
worked with social many years
and viewed him as a friend but the
history is plainly giving
not only in the gift of the hiney
unicorns but also in opening the doors
I’ve had a new himself
as well s in Lille do not come out of
this picture
unscathed my beloved predecessor stirs
which I share with you is and mere
of the information that day by day by
I am committed through the work that I
do to access
the deets that a new have done
not only in blatant aggression to the
Holy Mother Earth own life
but to orders humankind and the cosmos
are beyond description I deliberately
left them out after books they aren’t
he s I was un
well and we’re not say that I was some
part of viewing when he attacked
it is so horrific that was so
that the luminous eg around my body
actually shattered from the experience
he and thanks annandale and for that
my desk and even a cypress
could perhaps meant well who knows
but betrayed the secrets entrusted to
by I sis to his family and thereby
afforded them entry into the holy
in southern Africa which is the library
of the white
course that was Oni recently
entirely perched but it in able 10
to travel through time and to create
whenever they want so
you be rooted in fact had a profound
effect maybe even
is no more and their is really not one
of the ones that I have mentioned
that can be deemed s innocent or victim
our circumstances so my beloved brothers
and sisters
at this point we have to put it into
in the history of the cycles the history
keepers gave me the information
that I took down in dictation that
the nurse was plundered by the I mean
our key
from new pier but so did those from
Ryan they plundered as soil state took a
min rules
enabled man to see in today mention me
because it provided a frequency honors
that wouldn’t else be there
and they did he is thanks there other
places that have planned routier’s
and man always has been
certainly there was a hybrid man made
with the another key
when they came in from New be true and
they found some younger so like beings
roaming in forest part attacked
is true because man already plus
honors they were chest in the hollow act

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